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Hello, everyone! Welcome to our Renewed Life Properties Newsletter on our brand-new website! Did you notice? This newly designed website will focus just on our Remodeling services. We are still committed to filling our newsletters with lots of (what we hope are) interesting tidbits about us, our industry, and our Sun City community. You will receive a link to each month’s issue in an email every month. Once you arrive here, you can click on the small arrow on the top left just above the newsletter to access previous months. We hope you enjoy reading it!

**Because this issue – which started in April! – was SO late, I decided to combine it with the May one just to get caught up. Two for the price of one – such a deal!**

Hello again. Kari here. It was A LOT of work but I’m so excited that our new website is DONE…at least for now! (It’s always a work in progress.) I’m no website designer but I’ve learned tons from people who know much more than me – a BIG thank you to them!! Click on the link and let us know what you think!


We were at the Senior Expo in Sun City West on April 11th

There was another expo in April, this time in Sun City West at the Briarwood Country Club. It was a much bigger crowd than March’s at Westbrook so we were hopping! As always, we met so many new people and let them know we are local and ready to help! Cheyanne, Mike, and Michelle were there representing. Tim McGee, our Project Manager, and Rodney Alger, one of our crew members, (not normally at these events), stuck around after set-up and took a fun selfie!

But we weren’t done! The last one of the season was on May 1st. This Senior Expo was at Sundial Recreation Center. It wasn’t a very busy one since a lot of snowbirds had left for the summer. We didn’t get a picture this time but we were there! Were you?

We had a blast at our BBQ community event!

Did you stop by our BBQ event on April 19th? If not, you missed a good party! As always, Mike fired up his grill and we all dug into bratwurst, hot dogs, hamburgers, baked beans, and yummy chocolate chip cookies! It was a beautiful day so our courtyard was a terrific place to sit, eat, mingle, and relax! If you came, we hope you had fun! Cheryl and Jim Conrad came to support us and gave out free passes to the Sun City Museum. Those were big hits! Another fun event at RLP!

We also picked our raffle prize winner: PETER WITTENBERG. You’ll see him in the upper center picture with Cheyanne and Michelle and his gift basket. Congrats, Peter! Enjoy all the local goodies!!


Michael and Joy went to Israel!

“Joy and I were blessed to be invited to join a tour through the Holy Land with a group from Mountain Springs Church in Colorado Springs, CO.  Our trip took us through both Israel and parts of Jordan.  We had the most amazing guide, James McKeever, an Irish Jew who grew up in England and moved to Israel in his teens to join the military. His desire to become an Israeli and follow his Jewish heritage fired up his hunger for learning the rich history and sites.  He taught us so much in such a short time. The food, people and hospitality were all awesome.  If we had not walked miles upon miles everyday I would have certainly gained a ton of weight, although I think I can pass on pita bread for a bit.

Some of our favorite moments were floating in the Dead Sea, walking through Hezekiah’s tunnel, touring holy sites, hiking up Masada, and boating on the Sea of Galilee.

If you have interest in going to Israel I strongly suggest looking into going with a group and book it.  Out of the 40 other people we went with we only knew the Pastor and his wife. It was a great opportunity getting to know new people and sharing experiences together.”  


  • Upper left: “When in Rome…” Mike and Joy also took the requisite ride on the “Desert Taxis” – camels!
  • Upper center: As they were driven to their encampment (in a real car!) they passed one called…of all things…”SunCity Camp”! What are the odds?
  • Upper right: In front of The Abraham Gate – Exterior entry archway in the mudbrick gate dated to the Middle Bronze Age (circa 1700 BCE). Beyond this lay a central archway and an interior archway, which opened onto the road to the town below.
  • Lower left: The Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.
  • Lower center: The landscape of Jerusalem from their encampment.
  • Lower right: The food just kept coming and coming.
  • Insert: Do you notice how Mike did a little RLP advertising by wearing his branded cap? Nice work, Mike! But I think Israel is a little bit out of our territory! 

We’re just glad they came back safe and sound!

Vacations for Michelle and Cheyanne too!

Michelle and her husband Port went to Florida…

“My husband and I had a great time in Orlando!  No theme parks this time…. just much-needed rest and relaxation. We visited with family and spent lots of time just lounging by the pool.  I finally got to see an alligator!” 

Cheyanne took some much-needed family time in Texas celebrating her sister Dakota’s recent graduation. She’s now the proud recipient of a Master of Science in Athletic Training! She already has interviews for positions in her field at 2 local high schools after only 5 days post-grad! Congrats to the new graduate and we wish her good luck on her interviews!


The plan is to offer these seminars every month and possibly even repeat them throughout the year so if you’re sorry you missed one, don’t fret. It’ll come around again. Stay tuned to our email blasts telling you when the next one is!    


Our lovely customers Cathy and Gordie wanted to replace the small seating area in their kitchen (with a counter on the opposite side of a pony wall) with a large island. They also asked us to reuse the cabinets and incorporate them into the new island. Let’s watch the progress…



Out came the built-ins and then work began to build out the framing to use those cabinets and to support the new countertop.


The finished result! Now, they have a beautiful, large island with enough room to pull up some barstools, store items in those reused cabinets, and still have room to walk around it which is great during a party! Isn’t the granite they picked out beautiful?! It really elevates their kitchen.


After receiving the best reviews for the month of May on their questionnaires to homeowners, we have been awarded the Business Partner of the Month by SCHOA!


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This month, we’d like you to get to know…

Ted Ward

Have we remodeled your shower or kitchen backsplash lately? If so, and you needed tile work, then this is the guy to thank! Ted’s a quiet man but he does AMAZING work and we always receive glowing reviews. Ted’s been with us since December 2021 and we hope he stays with us forever!

Ted’s originally from Indiana. He’s married and has one son but three pets: a dog called Tuco, a fish named Ramona, and a turtle named Mandarin. In his spare time he likes spending time with his family (awww, sweet!) and also playing the guitar.

What does he like the most about working for us? “I like that everyone here works together to make every project a success.” Ted understands that it takes a team to make RLP work and he certainly does his share!

Thanks, Ted, for all you do!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all those born in April and May!

And a Belated Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

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