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What’s Coming and Going in Interior Design in 2023

Cheyanne Blue, RLP Interior Designer

I know you’re dying to know what the newest trends will be for 2023 and I’m here to satisfy your curiosity! There were two good articles (at and Better Homes & that gave us some of the answers…

Window Treatments

Play up your windows with sheers or pattern shades. Fancier details too: no grommets or wave pleats but pinch pleat drapery will be making a comeback.


Dark reds, greens, blues, browns and sepia combined with white and pale off-whites. Grey is on its way out. Golds will be replaced by bronze, brass, copper, and nickel. Many paint companies choose a paint color from their line to represent the new trend. Benjamin Moore chose Raspberry Blush as their 2023 Color of the Year. As they describe it: “A vivacious shade of coral tinged with pink, this electric hue is the definition of charismatic color.” The color looks lovely with white, soft pink and teal, and with neutrals.

Sustainability is at every designer’s top trend list. This means natural materials such as cotton, bamboo, cork, and linoleum, materials that are sustainable and good for the environment.


The Better Homes & Gardens article noted: “Older generations looking to right-size—moving or remodeling to suit their current lifestyle—will continue to play an important role in interior design choices. Equipped with features that support large multigenerational families, these homes cater to “grandparents who are selling the home where they raised their family, moving closer to their children and creating a magnet house for their grandchildren,” says Kyle Lissack, president of Pinemar Inc., referring to this process as right-sizing versus downsizing. These homes are designed to aid family gatherings and entertainment, with features like indoor pools and bowling alleys in combination with high-end finishes, says Lissack.”

Multi-purpose Interiors

In 2023, rooms must serve multiple functions says Alexandra Aquadro of AGA Interior Design, who emphasizes the importance of developing flexible interiors wisely and purposefully according to the article on BH&

Speaking of which, the days of open floor plans seem to be slowly returning to the need for separation. People miss the coziness of a smaller space. And, of course, it’s easier to change the color scheme of one room that doesn’t open to another. As long as they are complementary and flow from one to the other, it will work. Or, if you have a door that can close off one from the other.

At-Home Oases – Back to basics

 According to the same article, a return to basics will be welcome in 2023.

“With so much happening in the world today—often uncertain and stressful—I predict we’re going to see a shift towards balance, calm, and simplicity in terms of home design,” says Kathy Kuo, interior designer and founder of Kathy Kuo Home.”

Kuo predicts an elevated approach to minimalism that combine simple silhouettes and natural materials, leading “consumers to seek out refined wovens like cane and earthy wood options like mango wood and oak.”

Scott Sanders, an interior designer with offices in New York and Palm Beach stresses that homes in 2023 will not only provide spaces that reflect calm, but “a scheme that evokes wanderlust and a sense of escape,” as stated in the same article.

“Corresponding with nods to nature, interior design that closely considers a homeowner’s mind and body is a growing category. “People are going to think more about how the interior design of a house makes them feel and, from there, dive into how design can make them happier, healthier, and more productive in their space,” says interior designer Leslie Banker of Leslie Banker & Co. This can range from how color affects mood to how lighting impacts daily productivity. The desire to dig deeper into the relationship between a home and the health and happiness of its inhabitants will dominate all design decisions in 2023, says Banker.”

So, what will your space look like in 2023? Any big changes? Or is your home just right for you? That’s the main goal, after all: make a space that works for YOU!

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