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How to Combine Christmas and Thanksgiving Decorations

Cheyanne Blue, RLPS Interior Designer

It’s time to put the Halloween decorations away and start on Thanksgiving. But wait…that holiday is almost here and then you’ll need to start on Christmas! What to do?? How about combining the two holidays to save time and effort? How? Here are some ideas from the internet:

  • Put up a Christmas tree (faux) without ornaments. Maybe let everyone write what they are thankful for and put it on the tree. Or, decorate your tree with fall colors and add in Christmas colors once Thanksgiving is over.
  • Avoid the color red – it reads as very specifically Christmas-y.
  • Use natural elements like bowls of pinecones or branches that just feel cozy and seasonal.
  • Large lanterns work for both seasons and holidays really well and are a great decor piece!
  • Focus on a color scheme – something like metallic colors or one main color will allow you to decorate with a consistent flow throughout your home, better uniting things that might seem fall and winter next to each other.
  • White candles (thick pillars or candlesticks in holders) work for both holidays and are great transitional decor.
  • Greenery is always good. Wider leaves like magnolia leaves work for any time of year, while more evergreen branches are going to start to read very winter.
  • Buffalo check or plaid reads both fall and winter. Keep it in a neutral color palette and it works all season long as a runner, doormat, or throw!
 And one more thing: Call it “Thanksmas”! 

Photo Credit: Joseph Keller for BH&G.

Photo Credit: Berry and Fruit Ornament Tree.

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