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BATHROOMS are necessary, aren’t they? We can spend A LOT of time there aside from their #1 use; we also bathe, we primp, we wash our dogs or babies (or both!). Sometimes, it’s the only place in the house where we can lock the door and get a moment to ourselves. (AHHH)

Do you have a dated bathroom? Do you wish it were just a tad larger so your elbows don’t keep hitting the shower walls? Do you want a larger vanity so you can fit all your medications on it? How about better lighting so you can see yourself when you put on makeup? Is your toilet too low? Don’t let all the decisions scare you. WE CAN HELP! We are a general contractor and our owner, Mike Gillis, has over 30+ years of experience so we understand all the codes and rules and can guide you through the process. We have a professional interior designer on staff to help you make choices so you will LOVE your final result. You’ll even invite strangers in just so you can show it off! Okay, maybe not strangers but definitely all your friends and family! Never again will you need to complain every time the drawer falls out when you pull on it. Maybe you have “dead space” next to your tub in the wall that we can take to enlarge a new shower a bit and even add a linen closet. 

There are a lot of pieces that go into a new bathroom:




New sink

Remove the tub and create a walk-in shower

Change the entire footprint?

New flooring

Remove the old fiberglass and bring in tile, accents, and niches

New lighting

Add or remove a window/door

Add a linen closet or shelving

And more!

If you are ready to bring your bathroom up-to-date fill out the form below to get the process started. Start tearing inspo pictures out of magazines, and saving online pictures of what you love and want to your Instagram and bring them in when you meet with our Interior Designer. It won’t take long until we start demo and tear that old, dated bathroom out…and before you know it, you’ll have a beautiful, functional bathroom that will be the envy of all your neighbors! (We can’t promise that you won’t want to then do all the other rooms in your house though!)

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