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(Left): The side door entrance of a client’s garage.  (Second from left): We took the door out and created a larger opening, and framed it out. (Third from left): From inside the garage you can see the new small garage door. (Fourth from left): The new golf cart garage from the outside including a subtle ramp for easy entry. Nice!

Here’s a very specific Sun City issue: Most people use a golf cart to get around. You must if you searched this term. After all, they are so easy and convenient…and so darn cute!

Some homes have a tiny little golf cart garage to park it in. Others do not, so homeowners are forced to park in the driveway in front of their parked cars, or they have to park along the side. Not ideal especially during our hot Arizona summers!  What is ideal is stealing a bit of space from the main garage, installing a side garage door, and creating a golf cart garage! It doesn’t necessarily entail changing the footprint of the garage although sometimes, if you’re space-challenged, it might. Of course, if your property is wide enough to have an additional, albeit smaller, garage built on, then that’s an option too!

Either way, WE CAN HELP! We are a general contractor and our owner, Mike Gillis, has over 30+ years of experience so we understand all the codes & rules and can guide you through the process. We have a professional architect to draw up the plans that may or may not need the city’s approval (“pulling a permit”).

If you are ready to provide a proper place to park your golf cart, use it to drive over to our showroom and we can start the ball rolling. Or, of course, you can fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you with next steps.

You and your golf cart will thank us!

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